Learn to Write Good Reason Statements

  1. Adding Good "Reason Statements”: Reason statements are simply information that you type into a text box as to "why" you are adding or changing information on Family Tree.
  2. Without a good "reason", others will not understand why you made the change.
  3. Describe the reason as to "why" you feel the new information is correct.
  4. For example, the child's name was found on a census record, or perhaps in a family bible.
  5. A well written Reason Statement will help anyone looking at the record to understand why you changed or added the specific piece of information.
  6. Click to see an example.
  7. Note that anytime information is changed, YOUR contact name will be recorded as the one that made the changes. (This can be changed in your settings.)
  8. A well written Reason Statement, will help another researcher better understand why the change was made, otherwise, you may find that your well intentioned information will be changed back to what it was.
  9. Be kind to people who may not write clear reasons. Click on the blue name link to contact them and begin some collaborating. They may be your long lost distant cousin somewhere in your line.

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